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In 1991 I saw Joseph Bruchac, Eshu Bumpus, Judith Black and Tracy Leavitt perform at the Visions Storytelling Festival. 


Attendance was required for an assignment in children's literature. At the time, I thought I was fulfilling a requirement for a grade, but in reality, I had found home.


The storytelling was like magic for me. I was transported back to my childhood, listening to my dad spin tales at our dining room table. It seemed natural.


I returned to class and told "The Tiger's Whisker". I got an A, and I've been telling stories since. 


I use my background in music to help enhance the stories I tell. The connection between story and song is so powerful  - it creates electricity in a room. That feeling is the magic I once felt as a listener; now I help create it as a storyteller. 

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